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Innovation during a Global Crisis

For as long as we can remember, a global crisis such as the Covid-19 pandemic has always seemed to be a thing of the past. But now, it is our reality since we are living in these hard, yet crucial times. But on the other hand, opportunists make the best out of situations like these. We can take great examples from the past as that of Henry Ford’s modernization of the moving assembly line, which helped in bringing victory to Allied forces during World War 2. Both the world wars saw breakthroughs in technology that have become the basis for technological advancements even today. The 1918 pandemic was the reason for many social and medical reforms that are being followed even to this date.


We can see great examples of this during the Covid-19 pandemic as well- 3-D printed valves for ventilators, hands-free sanitizer dispensers, and the development of online services and crowdsourcing platforms. This pandemic has also enabled many traditional businesses to go online and make new strides. What we see here are exemplary people living typical day-to-day lives tapping the potential of one of nature’s best gifts- the human mind. These people recognize the potential for great ideas, where we might think there is none. So we can safely say that innovation is the only thing that steers society through the challenges that disrupt its smooth working.


So what is innovation? Is it the same as inventing something new? Is it something a layperson cannot achieve? Well, it is a creative idea or method used to better the things that already exist. Innovation doesn’t mean that the solution should be the next breakthrough in the field. It doesn’t mean that the project should be a conglomerate of jargon that doesn’t appeal to the people. The idea can be simple yet elegant. It should work in the best interest of the people or your clients. Innovation is the only tool that helps a business to stay in touch with changing times. We should always remember that change is the only constant. It is inevitable for any business. When an idea comes to your mind, evaluate it, and don’t dismiss it.

Ask yourself two crucial questions:

  1. Is there any field or an idea that requires change and help? Always remember, “Necessity is the mother of all invention”
  2. Does your idea exist? If it does exist on a smaller level, can you work with like-minded people to bring the best out of it? For- “Great minds think alike.”


Each of us, if we believe enough, has this potential to look for ideas where there might seem to be none. Some challenges might seem like there is no way around it, but sometimes that is what you think and may not be the reality. It is imperative to get insights about your ideas and have room for feedback and changes. There are always people to help you out with it.


Ideas are everywhere, but the dots need to be connected. It is up to you how you draw the path you want to take, it is up to you to help humanity and it is up to you to choose to follow your passion. But first and foremost it is up to you to decide to take the first step.

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